Cooper: Top 5 things to eat over winter break

Emily Cooper, School News Team

When all the exams come to a close, and the entire student body and teachers take off a couple weeks for winter break to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, teenagers binge eat anything and everything when they are away from school.

Who doesn’t love food?  You need it to maintain life and growth, but also for energy.

5. Candy Canes

Tis’ the season to eat as many candy canes as you want.

Candy canes are used for festive, edible decorations. Candy canes come in many different colors, but traditionally red and white.

Candy canes are a sweet candy that are meant to resemble a walking stick. They are good for on the road and all through the house.

During the Christmas holiday everyone looks forward to consuming these sweet treats.

4. Oreos

However, Oreos are taking in the No. four spot.

Over winter break, you either go on vacation or sit at home and do absolutely nothing, either way you eat.

Retreating to Oreos is not the healthiest choice, but they’re too delicious to pass up. These black and white colored cookies are full with delicious filling in the center.

3. Pizza

Pizza, an Italian inspired dish, is a reason teenagers love winter break.

This is for those students, and teachers, who are too lazy to prepare a meal for themselves, or even their families.

Pizzas are among the many easy food options for winter break. They come with many toppings for everyone to enjoy.

2. Nachos

Moreover, nachos are also something easy that anyone could make. This northern Mexican recipe is beloved by many.They are good for an easy, let’s say, meal while watching movies all day long.

These tortilla chips covered in liquid cheese to meat and sour cream, it’s an easy dish that you can arrange in various forms for everyone to appreciate.

1. Chili

Ultimately, chili was save for the last because it’s the best. Chili is good throughout the winter months because when it’s cold outside, you don’t want cold food. Chili is a rather hot, spice stew. Chili fits in best with the beautiful aroma of multiple different tastes blasting into your mouth from the first spoonful to the last.

Food is something we all consume on a daily. Winter break happens once a school year, so why not make it one to remember. It never hurts to try new things, like new toppings on a pizza. Food is meant to be explored. Food is fun and so is winter break.