Virgl: Top 5 TV shows

Tommy Virgl, News Team

Winter break — a fun, great time for everyone. Students and teachers are finished with their first semester work, and everyone gets to relax over the next two weeks. During this relaxation period, it’s always fun to watch TV shows while relaxing and enjoying the given time off. However, which TV shows should everyone be watching at this winter break? Here are five of the best TV shows to watch over break

5. The Voice

Many people know about this reality-singing competition. Its most recent season (Season 9) just had its finale with a contestant taking the title of “The Voice” on Dec. 15. The show features singers battling their way to the top, with some of them eventually making their way to the live shows where America decides the winner. Although its current season is over, The Voice should still be checked out and watched over winter break. Not only is it fun for the whole family, but the holidays were also celebrated with artists singing Christmas songs on Dec. 14

4. The Middle

The Middle is a sitcom for the entire family to enjoy. Not only is this show a fun experience, but it also celebrates the holidays with Christmas episodes every year. The show is about a family (The Hecks) living their lives throughout the town of Orson. The characters and episodes are wacky, crazy comedy that is bound to make anyone chuckle. The most recent season of the show is still airing today, (Season 7) so it could be very easy to jump right in and catch up on some episodes, while awaiting the new ones to air

3. Better Call Saul

As the prequel to AMC’s award winning show, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul has a lot of expectations to live up to; and the show does a tremendous job at doing just that. The show shows Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and his life as a lawyer before the events of Breaking Bad. Its first season aired last year on Feb. 8, and its second season will air on Feb. 15 of 2016. This show is a perfect binge-watch show to prepare you for the second season. It only has 10 episodes, so it can be easily caught up on

2. Modern Family

Modern Family, the award-winning ABC sitcom, is a perfect show to watch over winter break. The show portrays one giant family and days in the life of these people. This show is also currently airing on its seventh season. This show is filled with side-splitting episode and situations that are very relatable to families today. This show is a perfect show for anyone to watch with their family over winter break, because of the relatability and comedy this show provides

1. Doctor Who

Many people know about the show Doctor Who. It has been around for 52 years, with 26 classic seasons and 9 modern seasons. The show is about The Doctor, a timelord traveling space and going on adventures with his companions. With time and space at their fingertips, writers create many creative episodes and storylines for the show. The Doctor and companion are casted again multiple times throughout the show, continuing the show’s presence on social media. This makes it easy for anyone to jump in and start watching, because new, exciting storylines are added and soon finished all of the time. This show also has Christmas episodes that air every year. Over break, not only can one watch the Christmas episode, they can watch the last season (Season 9), and the many other seasons and Christmas specials before it.