Christiano: Top 5 sporting events to watch

Max Christiano, Sports Team

Late in the year there are a lot of things happening with Christmas, Hanukkah, and family get-togethers. One nice thing to do is watch a any kind of sporting event, especially for those competitive families out there. There are 5 specific games you should watch. It won’t get any better than this.

5. Dec. 27: Steelers vs. Ravens

You might be looking at this and think, why in the world would this game be in the top games to watch? It’s really simple, it’s potentially the greatest rivalry in the NFL. This rivalry has been going on for a great deal of time. Also, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger have been competing in it against each other for seven years, this will be the eighth. These two men are some of the NFL’s most elite quarterbacks. Also who doesn’t like an extra edge to competing.  So tune into this one to kick back to hard nosed, old school, smash mouth gridiron match.  The game is at noon on CBS.


4. Dec. 28: Bengals vs. Broncos

It’s pretty simple, two of the most well rounded teams in the NFL face-off against each other in one of the greatest stadiums in the sport. Mile High, nobody comes into the Broncos home and just takes their cookies and runs, oh no. The Cincinnati Bengals are in for one as they come into the game 10-3 as are the Broncos. This is a big game played on a big stage, not only at Mile High but also it’s the Monday Night game. The Broncos defense has carried them this far but will they stop the Bengals and their passing attack led by A.J. Green on Monday night?  The game is on ESPN at 7:30 p.m


3. Dec. 19: North Carolina vs. UCLA college basketball

UCLA beat the Kentucky Wildcats. They didn’t just win the game. They won the game by 10 points, 87-77. They were ranked No. 1 in the polls until the Bruins had part of them. They look to take down another top contender, The University of North Carolina Tar Heels as they are ranked well above UCLA in just about every professional or scout poll out there. This isn’t going to be just another one of those high ranked teams going at it that you can just watch the highlights. Get into this on as this game is about to change one of these teams whole season as early as this.  The game is on CBS at noon.

2. Dec. 27: Bears vs. Buccaneers

Come and visit my new home. Lovie Smith the ex-Chicago Bears head coach invites his old team to come visit him and his rookie quarterback in Tampa, which is Lovie’s new home. Neither one of these teams have a winning record or one of the best players in the game but when a coach plays his old team there’s always a trick up his sleeve that he never left behind. It’s like a sneak attack in war, and guess what. Coincidentally Lovie has taken over the play calling for the Bucs offense this week. But who knows maybe that’s just a coach making a coach move. The only way to find out is watch the grudge match itself. The game is on FOX at noon.

1. Dec. 25: Cavs vs. Warriors

Best on Best, Lebron James against Steph Curry. MVP and NBA finals rings have been won by both of these men and they both compete at the highest level possible against the best basketball players in the world and they just dominate. There’s not much to say about this game except for that if you like basketball at all, watch this game and you will see the two most dominant players in the game face-off on a Christmas Day. It’s a free Christmas present for everyone presented to you by the NBA. I mean c’mon who doesn’t like a free Christmas present like something of this. The game is on TNT at 7 p.m.