Tolerate all holidays, not just Christmas

Tommy Virgl, News Team

December is a time full of interesting holidays and events, with Christmas being the most celebrated holiday around the world, according to

However, Christmas has actually brought up some controversies this year, the most current being the Starbucks red cup controversy, in which, according to, some people on social media have been characterizing the cups as a “war on Christmas” because of their solid-red color.

The cups were most likely made this color to celebrate other holidays besides Christmas, and they were never intended to harm Christmas in any way. There are, of course, other holidays besides Christmas that happen around this time of year. It’s a good thing that Starbucks and many other companies are being respectful to other holidays, because all religion should definitely be respected.

Another altercation occurred because of Christmas, this time a physical one. According to, a worker for Salvation Army, Kristina Vindiola, was called upon and punched in the face because she did not say “Merry Christmas.” She was standing outside of Walmart, ringing a kettlebell and collecting charity money for Salvation Army when the altercation occurred. All Vindiola said was “Happy Holidays,” and this woman thought it was okay to punch her in the face because she said that.

This is, of course, completely wrong and should never happen again. This is entirely against the Christmas spirit. Even though Vindiola was being kind and tolerant, this woman thought it was right to punch her in the face just because she didn’t spread the holiday cheer of the Christian holiday.

That said, Christmas is not the only holiday to happen around this time of year, and it is no way better or worse than other holidays. People who are tolerant of other religions are not waging a war on a specific religion, they are just respectful and open-minded to the opinions of others.