NFL’s Color Rush: A rainbow of reactions

Collin Johnson, Sports Team

Thursday Night Football may be an ironic game between two distinguishing teams that fans don’t seem to like at all, but perhaps some fans might enjoy it after all.  Surprisingly, Nike came up with an idea called “Color Rush,” to advertise four games that will play on Thursday Night on NFL Network.

Nike came up with this  to support the teams that were going to be playing on Thursday Night.  They will wear jerseys and pants with matching colors.

Four teams will be wearing the color rush uniforms are: the Buffalo Bills against the New York Jets; the Tennessee Titans against the Jacksonville Jaguars; the Dallas Cowboys against the Carolina Panthers; and the St. Louis Rams against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

The Bills beat the Jets on Nov. 12,  the Jags defeated the Titans with a score of 19-13 on Nov. 19;  the Panthers defeated the Cowboys 33-13 on Nov. 26, and the Bucs will play the Rams on Dec. 17.  

“I think it was a good choice that Nike came up with the idea for the NFL to have the jerseys to become full-out color.  I feel bad for those people who are color blind, which made it frustrating for them to watch the game (Bills against the Jets).  My favorite color rush jersey would probably be the Jaguars with the gold rush.  Other than that, I admired the idea and I hope to see them having next year will all the teams,” Nick Johnson, junior, said.

Nike will provide the field color, base layer, sidelines as well as training apparel for 32 teams in the league.   Each team’s full uniform will be shown during the Thursday game the week before, but only a certain part of the jerseys were provided with a picture that they had.  In some cases, the jerseys look very similar to the team’s current alternate jerseys, but some of the other designs are clearly new.