Black Ops III has pros, cons

Collin Johnson, Sports Team

For all those video game series, (known as cyborgs) or whoever likes the Call of Duty series game play, there are pros and cons to the new game Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Cons: One of the biggest problems about the game is the spawn-trapping and the custom camouflage does not cover most of the weapon.  The ranks seem too long to level up and the matchmaking of the game where you’re trying to respawn yourself after you have been killed.   Also, the later classes are nothing special and they need more buffering, according to

 “I think the game is overall pretty decent, I was satisfied with the graphics because I think they were better than the other two games.  Also, I admire playing it on PS4 (Playstation Four) rather than Xbox One, I think it’s more realistic than Xbox One,” Derek Malone, junior, said.

Pros: The pros about the game are the Exo suits movement feels really smooth. The maps have a lot more graphics of where you are, where is your destination is and  adding how many enemies you have to kill . The sound quality has improved over the last three games, and displaying the winning team at the end of the round/mission according to

Overall, the game carries after from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where in that game everything is all high tech —  the weapons they use, the suits they wear, and the game setting. They brought some of their own work into the third game to make it better for users to play, with a combination of different materials and qualities that was put into this new game, according to