New Binding of Isaac game offers much

Brandon Ambriz, A&E Team

When the first Binding of Isaac game released on Sept 28, 2011, many players had wanted to know this game’s story and the reasons behind Biblical references put into the game.

The story from the first game was vague. The only cutscenes from the game show Isaac doing something or getting something from his win.

On Nov. 4, 2014, Binding of Isaac got its own sequel called Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, otherwise known to fans as Rebirth.

The game brought new bosses, items, item combinations, floors to play on as well as more cutscenes for the story of the game, adding more in depth story plot, yet the game was still vague.

On Oct. 30, the new expansion for Rebirth, called Afterbirth, will be released for the many eager waiting fans.

The new update Afterbirth will consist of many new items,item combinations, bosses and enemies, new floors such as, characters and mechanics, and brand new endings!

Many of the combinations that will be implemented in the game we fans have waited to see for the longest of time.

One of the combinations is Orbiting Planet, which lets your tears circle around you while shooting tears, and Mom’s Knife. Together they make a circle of orbiting knives around the character.

The new expansion will have over 100 new items, some new characters and bosses, new floors and transformations as well as bosses too.

There will also be a button system in the game as well. It seems that in order to escape the room you’re in, you have to push the button to escape.

This little mechanic does seem simple and can spice up the game even more with these new items and such.

The new character known as Lilith, who starts off with an orbital who shoots for her called Incubus. Lilith will also start with a mysterious box and a passive item.