Bears: New season, new faces

Collin Johnson, Sports Team

For the Chicago Bears, it meant a new beginning, new season, and new players from the draft. It was the time to shine for the young pups to impress the coaches in order to make it through all four games of the preseason.

After the draft, the Bears were satisfied that they picked up Eddie Royal, who was a free agent. Also, they drafted a running back, Jeremy Langford, in the fourth round from Michigan State. They were really satisfied and pleased with him because he had about 3,000 yards, as well as 40 touchdowns in MSU career. The Bears are excited to see what he can do to impact the team this season with Matt Forte, starting running back.

The Bears hope they can work something out with these new players, but quarterback Jay Cutler has to control his offense to become successful.

Royal, wide receiver, started out with the Broncos for his first couple years playing and then later on he got traded to San Diego. He stayed with them not so long and ended playing with them for two years. Then the Chargers let him go on the free agency and the Bears picked him up to give him a chance.

During the training camp, John Fox, head coach of the Bears, had been noticing a lot of improvement with the team, especially, when they played their first preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

Fox said, “In the first half we couldn’t find a way to get the ball down the field. In the second half, our players came out strong and showed who Bears players who were really made of.”

Fox is focusing on Cutler because he needs to find his way to help his team to make it to the playoffs and hopefully with the Super Bowl back in 1985. Fox wanted to keep up his rhythm of game-playing and become successful through the rest of preseason with his players.