Summer used to prepare for 44th football season

The varsity football squad finishes a tough day of 7-on-7 at St. Xavier University this summer.

Courtesy of Coach Paige Schoolman

The varsity football squad finishes a tough day of 7-on-7 at St. Xavier University this summer.

Collin Johnson, Sports Team

During the summer, students were either on vacation, relaxing on the beach, hanging out with their friends, or even working to make some cash.

But that doesn’t apply to most varsity football players. Summer meant hard work for them.

The team had camp this summer to get ready for the upcoming season and their first game against Stagg High School on Aug. 28. They call themselves Team #44, because they are the 44th varsity football team in school history.

They competed in 7-on-7 scrimmages against other non-conference teams. At the end of the summer, the team was as solid as a rock against other schools, and they showed the teams who they were strong as an ox of great talent.  Both offense and defense did really well, and the offense had some great passes as well as touchdowns.  Also, the defense had some great turnovers with strips, fumbles, and interceptions.

The game of 7-on-7 is based on seven skill players on offense: quarterback, runningback backs, as well as wide receivers. For the defense, on the other hand, they have three or four linebackers, plus cornerbacks and safeties.

“Everyone did really well, worked hard, and it showed when we got on the field. The defense showed great potential for the season. The offense was fast moving and showed real promise for the season,” Kenny Kirkland, linebacker, senior, said.

Even the coaches were pleased on the performance this summer. They made the players work hard both in the weight room and on the field, going hard on every play or drill.

“At first, we started a little off-key, but what we lacked in skill we made up for with intensity. As we went along, we definitely became better and we were able to get to know each other’s play style and we came together as a team throughout the summer,” Jake Reynolds, safety, senior, said.

Towards the end of the summer, Team #44 was satisfied about camp and what it truly meant to become closer as a team to bond with each other. While they were working together to get turnovers in the 7-on-7 games, they met their goals.