The Interview: Serious topic, funny movie

Caitlyn Stabile, Journalism I

People like nothing more than hearing about a bit of controversy.

When I heard people talk about The Interview, I thought it would be an obnoxious comedy with a below-average storyline. I did not have any intentions on seeing it until I heard about North Korea’s threats, and that seemed to draw everyone’s attention to it. Overall, the satire contained well-used humor; a complex and interesting storyline; and action that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story starts out introducing the two main characters: James Franco’s Dave Skylark, and Seth Rogen’s Aaron Rapoport. The two run the tabloid talk-show Skylark Tonight. Skylark lands an interview with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, who is a fan of the show.

Before their departure to North Korea, the CIA pays them a visit, and convinces the men to assassinate Kim Jong-un on their trip. The CIA’s plan is fairly simple, but once in North Korea, the plan begins to unravel.

The way the movie portrays North Korea is based on much of what is known about the country. Exaggeration is present to create humor, but the ridiculousness of what happens in the country itself is enough to make an audience crack up. It is extremely offensive to North Korea. However, some facts were sadly not far off.

It seems ridiculous to make jokes about something so serious, but I think that is what made it even funnier. It shed light on a serious topic, but it was enjoyable for the audience. Everyone watching the movie was laughing the entire time.

The movie kept the audience’s attention the entire time. The storyline had many twists and turns, and it was hard to predict how the movie would end. There was a lot of action, too, and that made the movie even more interesting.

The movie was not ruined by the ending; it was made by the ending. That made the experience even better.