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Changing political advertisement

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Flooding many television stations, political advertisements have always been the driving force in gaining votes and getting candidates’ political agendas and moral beliefs out to the voters. However, this philosophy has been skewed from expressing the views of the candidates to diminishing one other.

For example, a political advertisement attacking Pat Quinn stated that property tax increased by 30 percent in Illinois under Quinn’s term. The advertisement then goes to a clip of Bruce Rauner promising to “freeze” the property taxes. However, this promise offers nothing in the name of fixing it. Rauner promises only to stop the inflation of property taxes.

Without any true promise of fixing anything, the advertisement contains nothing besides an attack on Quinn. This is a major issue in politics in that it becomes a race to elect not the candidate who will be best for Illinois, but the candidate that will not mess up Illinois as bad as the other.

The fighting that occurs in these campaigns is like gossiping children, discrediting each other and providing ridiculous reasons that the opposing candidate should not receive votes.

The campaigns turn from informing the public why they are the best candidate to why they are not the worst.

We believe that these practices are unethical and should take a different approach.

In order to decrease deception, gossip, and lies, individual advertisements should be withdrawn completely. Spending millions of dollars on campaigning is foolish and pointless. Those with the bigger budgets will obviously prevail, leaving silent voices to be unheard. In fact over $100 million was spent between the two candidates to get elected.

We believe that the most effective way to rid unethical practices in campaigning would be through advertising the actual debates and nothing else.

This would allow independent parties to debate alongside the candidates representing the republican and democrat parties rather than drowning amongst the seas of advertisements of the other candidates.

In simply advertising the events of debates, the playing field would be financially even, reducing any one candidate to win through a pure drive of funds.

This would all put more emphasis on the meaning behind the words debated rather than having external factors that don’t truly determine the future decide the victor.

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Changing political advertisement