Top 5 cold weather movies


Calvin Stiteley, Journalism I

When it comes to winter and the cold weather, there is nothing better than sitting at home by the fire and watching your favorite winter/Christmas movies. There are so many movies that embrace winter that it is difficult to make a list of Top 5. Here are mine.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his family are just looking for a peaceful family Christmas vacation with his wife, kids, parents, and in-laws, but that all soon changes. As the grandparents arrive, the Griswold family vacation begins to go downhill. The grandparents are obnoxious, especially the in-laws. Just as Clark finishes his mega light display, he is greeted with a surprise visit from his disgusting cousin in law, Eddie, and his family. This sparks a chain of events that almost brings Clark to near insanity. From burning Christmas trees to swat teams, Christmas Vacation is hilarious and definitely will not disappoint anyone looking for laughs.

Home Alone– This hysterical Christmas movie follows young Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, who is accidentally left at home as his family leaves for their Christmas vacation in Paris. Kevin sees this as an opportunity to have some fun, but he soon realizes the severity of the situation after burglars Harry and Marv notice that nobody at the McCallister house is home except for Kevin. As the burglars near a plan for robbing the house, Kevin takes it upon himself to defend himself and his house. Kevin booby-traps the entire house, to the demise of Harry and Marv. Home Alone is a perfect movie to watch if you are looking for laughs and a tale of a strong-willed boy who acts like a man.

Frozen– Although it may seem like a princess movie, Frozen delivers fun for all ages. This movie is about two sisters named Elsa and Anna, who were once best friends that enjoyed playing together. That all changed one day when Elsa accidentally injured Anna with her magical ice and snow powers. Following the incident Anna had no recollection of Elsa’s powers, and Elsa was required by her parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, to stay in her room and learn conceal her powers, and the kingdom gates were closed. Later on as Elsa and Anna become older, the gates are opened, due to the fact that Elsa is to become the new Queen. During the celebration, Anna announces that she is going to be married, which upsets Elsa and makes her reveal her powers to everyone. As a result, Elsa runs off, and in her distress, sends Arendelle into a permanent winter. Anna feels awful, and sets off to find Elsa. Along the way she meets a mountain man and his reindeer, and a super-friendly talking snowman named Olaf. Frozen is an excellent movie if your are looking to relax and spend time with your family.

Ice Age This movie follows a wooly mammoth named Manny, who is somewhat of a loner, during the Ice Age. A clumsy sloth named Sid notices Manny walking alone, after waking up and noticing that his fellow sloths had begun migrating without him. Sid then joins Manny on his lone migration, and the two become companions. Along the way, the two discover an infant Native American child who had been left by her mother after a pack of sabertooth tigers had attacked their tribe. Manny and Sid take it upon themselves to take care of the baby and search for his tribe. Later on, the two encounter a sabertooth tiger named Diego, who was sent by his pack to search for the baby. Using his intelligence, Diego attempts to outsmart Manny, but he does not fall for the act. Diego realizes that he should attempt to befriend Manny in order to get the baby. Ice Age is an excellent family movie and comedy for all ages, and does not fail to excite.

A Christmas Story This hilarious Christmas movie is narrated by Jean Shepard, who plays an older Ralphie. Ralphie describes his quest for the ultimate gift, as well as his exciting Christmas. All young Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder B.B gun, and he is trying everything possible to get the word out to his parents, teacher, and Santa. However, every time Ralphie says what he wants for Christmas, he receives the same response, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Although discouraging, Ralphie does not give up and pushes hard to get his Christmas wish. A Christmas Story includes multiple humorous subplots, and will easily make you laugh out loud.