Students, teachers join forces as fans

Students, teachers join forces as fans

Alexa Aspan, School News Editor

“We have our fans, that’s true, the ones that sit in the stands and tweet about the football game. But we feel that we need super fans! Ones that will get into the spirit of the school and encourage other students to do the same,” Ms. Melissa Warning, physical education, said.

Students from all grade levels have put together something exciting for MCHS. Members from IALC (Indian Athletic Leadership Club), student council, and various sports have united to create the Indian Nation.

Because the Indian Nation is not necessarily a club and is more of an organization, the ideas of Warning, Mr. Paulie Forsyth, physical education, and Mr. Andres Torres, English, have been combined to spread the word of this new spirit-lifting program.

While Warning, Torres and Forsyth have already made an announcement at Central Campus about this new program, they’re also selling T-shirts for the Minooka vs. Morris rival football game on Aug. 29.

“We have a lot of things planned for this year,” Torres, said. “We plan on having students run through the inflatable Indian head with the football players at each game. We also have some things planned for the girls’ JCA volleyball game in August. The T-shirts we’re also selling go along with the blackout themed rival game this year. And we also plan on having more themed football games like a glow stick game.”

The goal for this new nation of super fans, Warning said, is to get the spirit of the school up and going. Homecoming begins the week of Sept. 22, and almost everyone is excited about that. But we want to keep up that energy for every other week this year, she said.

“One of the problems here is that students will be more excited about something that the teachers aren’t excited for. And teachers will be excited for something that the students aren’t excited for. That’s why we have students and teachers working together so we can get everyone excited for everything,” Torres, said.

With so much planned, and the rest of the year laid out in front of them, this new breed of super fans might have big things in store for the students of MCHS.