Bonde a ‘role model’ for volleyball team


Courtesy of Heidi Bonde

Senior Heidi Bonde has been described as a leader and role model for the girls volleyball team.

Sean Tadel, Sports Media class

Senior Heidi Bonde, the University of Central Florida commit, is dominating opponents already in her final season as a Minooka Indian.

“The UCF coaches and players at the college were amazing and it being a great program as well as it being in Florida is what made it feel like home,” Bonde said.

She isn’t just an amazing player on the court, she is also a great leader to her team and has been since her freshman year at Minooka, according to head volleyball coach Carrie Prosek. 

Heidi is not only the leader, but also a role model of this team.  She puts her team before herself and is very humble.  Very athletic and definitely one of the best players this program has ever had,” Prosek said.

During her successful seasons while playing volleyball, Bonde has had an amazing time and has met a lot of new people along the way.

“The friendships and bonds I have made while playing volleyball is definitely my favorite thing about playing the sport,” Bonde said.

While being one of Minooka’s most notable athletes to come through the program she, has piled up quite a resume of stats throughout the time while at Minooka and also an amazing student.

“My favorite thing about being a Minooka athlete is how successful the programs are and how they make amazing athletes along the way,” Bonde said.