Mascot task force committee formed


The gym at MCHS Central Campus was originally built for the 1970-71 school year.

Claire Evelyne Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

In early December 2020, Dr. Kenneth Lee worked at the direction of the Board of Education on creating a mascot task force at MCHS to have open discussions on the current mascot and possible alternatives for its use.

The task force applications were publicized in mid-December 2020 to give the community an opportunity to be a part of the conversation regarding a new mascot. Lee and co-faciliators Mr. John Troy and Dr. Bryan Zwemke all interviewed the potential members of the task force after creating a short list.

Twelve to 15 members were chosen to be within the committee which includes parents, students, community, and staff members. 

The original plan is to hold three separate meetings which will include various topics that are essential to making decisions regarding the mascot.  Meetings will cover the reasons why some view the current mascot is offensive, why some want to keep the mascot, and how to honor Native Americans without being offensive while doing so.

The first meeting occurred Feb. 22 in the Central Campus cafetorium.  The second is to be held virtually on March 2.  Like any school board meeting, these meetings are open to the public.