More students in classrooms discussed at board meeting

Gabby Roussos, Features Editor

COVID-19 is still impacting everyday life situations, and it dominated discussion at the recent school board meeting.  

On Feb. 17, the MCHS District #111 board of education continued to discuss issues with coronavirus and the newly released vaccine.

After coming back from winter break, the students at MCHS started off all remote, and then went back to hybrid learning. Alpha slice A-L went to school in person Monday and Tuesday, and M-Z alpha slice went Thursday and Friday. Wednesday was a full remote day, going through all eight classes.

After noticing a low amount of students in hybrid the school board decoded to combine the alpha slices, so they would go in person four days a week. As of Tues., Feb. 16, all hybrid students started going to school together. 

At the board meeting they discussed how well the first day went, and how good it was to see more students at school. 

According to Dr. Kenny Lee, superintendent, there are about 800 students at South Campus and 700 at Central Campus currently attending in person. 

Once the school decided to switch to four days a week, more students wanted to come back. There is a waiting list of 61 students who would like to return to in person learning, according to Principal Bryan Zwemke, who has said they are trying to get those kids back as soon as possible 

If a student currently enrolled in hybrid switches to fully remote, a student on the waiting list can fill their place. On March 1, there will be a new survey sent out for hybrid/remote choice. The school will attempt to accommodate for every students preferences if numbers allow.

They also discussed the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine at the board meeting. 

Around 150 MCHS employees have said they are planning on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The school partnered with Grundy County Public Health Department in order to get as many teachers vaccinated as soon as possible. 

The teachers were split into groups to go receive the vaccine because Grundy County only receives a certain number of doses per day. As of now, about half of the teachers who want to receive the vaccine have got it, either on their own terms or through Grundy County, according to Lee.

In other news, the board meeting finalized the 2021-2022 calender. The plan is for students to return to school on Aug. 11, 2021 and will finish the semester on Dec. 17. After winter break students, will return on Jan. 3 and finish off the school year on May 23, 2022.