African American Read-in comes to Minooka

Miah Seloover

MCHS is giving African American voices the stage. 

February is Black History Month, dedicated to recognition of Black lives, accomplishments, and the struggles that include African American history. 

On Feb. 23, MCHS will participate in the national African American Read-In, which encourages communities to come together and hear the voices of Black authors and writings. Members of MCHS will be sharing influential pieces and giving them a spotlight.

¨Students and staff should attend to participate in the experience of hearing examples of the influential impact that Black voices have had on our national and local discourse,¨ said Mr. Sean Hackney, English department chair. 

The event is sponsored by Allies in Diversity, MCHS libraries, the Peace Pipe Chatter, and the English and Social Studies departments. 

The event this year is completely virtual and safe. To attend this event, go to the website for the link to the online venue.