Photo club gives students chance to showcase talent


Hailey Specia

Junior Hailey Specia took this bridge photo. Specia is a member of the MCHS Photo club.

P. Slater, Graphics Manager

“I’ve always enjoyed photography, and when I found out that there was a club for it I immediately joined,” Marilyn Montes, senior and photo club president, said. 

Photo club is MCHS’s club for amateur photographers looking to express the

This photo of a plant at sunset was taken by senior Photo of a plant with sunset was taken by senior Marilyn Montes, Photo club president.

mselves and connect with like-minded people with similar talents, often helping each other in the process.

“My favorite part of Photo club is that there is so much positivity and good communication to other people’s photos, which helps better their photography,” Montes said. 

Others also cite the attitude and community that photo club fosters as their favorite aspect of the club. 

“I’ve loved photography ever since I was able to hold a camera. … My favorite part is meeting new people who share the same passion as I do,” Hailey Specia, junior, said.

Photo club participants have many different tastes in how they like their pictures. The club has interests ranging from landscape, to portrait, and everything in between. 

The Photo club primarily serves to foster the talent of students. The club meets and presents their photos to one another for criticism and praise. Every week the club has a new theme, and the participants take pictures based off

Junior Hailey Spacia, a member of Photo club, took this dandelion photo. (Hailey Spacia)

that and their love of the art shines through in their shots. 

Photo club meets Tuesdays after school.