Library still serving students in pandemic


Luke Dahl, Media & Journalism I

The library has been a source of knowledge for students for decades, although the recent pandemic has made it more difficult for students to get books from it. 

Dealing out books is more difficult due to the risk of it spreading coronavirus, so physical books are now being dealt with separately. Today, students can make an online request for a physical book, and then pick up the book when it is ready.  But reading books online is also an option. 

Because the physical library was closed and there was concern about viral transmission through surfaces, we were unable to check out physical books for some time,” librarian Ms. Marissa Welch said. “We shifted our focus instead to ebooks and digital audiobooks, which can be accessed through a platform called Sora.”

Besides lending out books, the library has also functioned as a meeting place for students. Like most other things in the school, this has been moved online.

“Library staff created a Google Classroom where we try to engage with students in similar ways as we did during in-person learning. We regularly post discussion questions, creative project ideas, and book recommendations,” Welch said.

The books are still kept in the library, however. and need to be maintained for when they can finally be used regularly again.

“In addition to expanding our virtual library work, we have also taken this time without visitors to clean, reorganize, and reevaluate the physical spaces,” Welch said.