Senior Reflection: Gracie Brady


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Gracie Brady is pictured both as a youngster and with her acceptance letter to Flagler College.

Gracie Brady, Editor-in-Chief

For the last four years, I’ve dreamed of writing this story. Now that it’s time, I’m at a loss for words, and I’ve been staring at this blank page for three days. 

For those who are taking the time to read my story, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Gracie Brady, and journalism is my life. I’m one of the editors-in-chief for the PPC. I’ve taken journalism for the past four years, and will continue in this field after high school at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla. 

This class has a special place in my heart, from bad dad jokes, to tears of joy, Christmas parties, and Owen’s paper hats, this is my hardest goodbye. Before we get into the sad stuff, I’d like to share some advice my dad gave me before I started high school that I wish I would’ve taken.

You lose a lot of friends, it gets lonely. 

The SAT doesn’t actually determine your whole life. 

Classes are only hard if you’re not trying.

 You should actually read the books in the library.

Find a hobby. 

You will most likely not find your high school sweetheart, and that’s okay.

You should study for your tests. 

It’s okay to get help with subjects you struggle in; no one is noticing.

No matter what you do, people will talk about you, so you might as well do what makes you happy. 

Not everyone is going to like you. 

It’s okay to cry. It doesn’t matter if people see you, they’ll forget about it. 

Go to the school board meetings, be involved. 

And finally, email your old teachers. Keep in touch, it makes them happy, and it’s good for the soul. 

I’m not going to tell you that high school was the best four years of my life, because it wasn’t. However, it also wasn’t the worst years either. Just like everyone else, there are good days and bad days. You just have to decide what to do with the bad ones and go from there. 

As most seniors can agree, our year did not end the way any of us had planned. It is devastating and heartbreaking to spend the last few months we had together apart. I try not to think like that though. I like to see it as it’s time to move on. I’ve had so many great memories here at MCHS from chicken tender Wednesdays, to Fight Song Fridays, and Coach Y Olympics. I am ready for a new chapter, a new setting, new people, and to find myself as a new person. 

I’d like to thank the friends I’ve made throughout my time at Minooka schools, the teachers I’ll never forget, who believed in me, the staff for always being there along the way, and my journalism family, for being the best of friends I could of ever had 

If you ever find yourself in St. Augustine, Fla., please think of me.