Teachers during stay-at-home order


No teachers or students are in the social studies and world language hallway at Central Campus.

Abbey Petric, Features Editor

Teachers have lives outside of school, so what have they been doing during this time away from the building?

Whether it comes to kids, family, staying active or school planning, the MCHS teachers have yet to stop working. Staff continuously have meetings to figure out what technology is best for remote learning and other resources that will allow them to comfortably continue the remote learning process. 

Ms. Julie Creagh, English, said she is trying to keep her two little children engaged and entertained as well as making a meal plan. She also has FaceTime calls with her family members that don’t live with her. 

On days that the weather permits, Creagh likes to go for walks or drives. At home, Creagh has been doing a lot of reading and exploring new things with her children like coloring, painting, and cooking since her children don’t have school work. She also is reading for her own enjoyment as well. 

“To be honest, it feels like all of our time together had been quality time because this had been such a different schedule,” Creagh said. 

Ms. Tracy Kwasny, physical education, said she has been able to go on runs or walks outside almost everyday. She is thankful her neighborhood hasn’t been full of people outside so she hasn’t ran into many people while on her daily cardio. 

She follows her cardio with something around her house whether that be cleaning or laundry, she still takes her time to get it done. She also included that she has watched a movie almost everyday. She has also been able to try new recipes for dinner since she has time and she’s also found time to bake. 

She has been able to video chat with family over the app Houseparty. She says her favorite games to play on Houseparty is the trivia game and the chips and guac game. 

Ms. Christina Burgess, math, said most of her time has been spent with her kids. Together they like to walk their dog, build forts, play games and sing lots of karaoke. Burgess’s goal is for two walks a day with her dog and kids. 

With her husband’s help, they have been able to continue finishing their basement. 

This stay-at-home order has allowed Burgess to be able to spend lots of quality time with her husband and kids as well as reconnect with old high school friends. 

Mr. Matthew Minich, science, said that he’s spending a lot of his time thinking of ways to engage his students as well as keeping in contact with his family members through FaceTime and Zoom meetings. 

Minich and his brother, who lives in Wisconsin, have been challenging each other to cook-offs. Other the phone, they cook things they used to have as kids, their favorite foods or things their parents weren’t the best at cooking.

“We started with our favorite dish and working our way to something our parents never could really cook that well. We take pictures and send it to each other and FaceTime during our meal prep,” Minich said. 

Minich said he’s been able to get outside and do yard work when the weather isn’t too bad. He also starts his morning by walking or jogging around his neighborhood. 

Mr. Jeffrey Easthon, Spanish, has been spending a lot of his time playing video games with his kids, watching TV, and playing with Nerf guns outside with his kids. 

With his wife they started watching the new Netflix show Tiger King. Easthon said he started watching it with his wife because it was all over the news.

It’s not shocking to hear the school and students aren’t off the minds of teachers. However, most have been able to stay active and see their families more often, even if it’s over the phone.