Remote learning affects tests, grades


Gabby Roussos, Features Editor

What happens next?

That is a question many students have been asking lately. Or rather, most of the world. 

After in- school classes were cancelled, some students’ first reaction was happy. Knowing they could sleep in, go outside, not live by a schedule — it all sounded great. Until, it was the fifth day of fighting with siblings, and there was nothing left in the fridge. Then everyone started asking questions about life before COVID-19.

With this change, school life was majorly effected. School days are different, times are different, assignments are different, and tests are different. Then comes the question: how are my assignments graded? How are my tests graded?

The district has released many emails about what is happening. According to the information supplied by Dr. Janel Grzetich, assignments are up to each teacher individually. They can be per day, assigned by the week or longer term projects. All assignments are posted by 8:30 a.m., and students can see them via email or Google Classroom from the teacher. 

Tests and assessments are a little different from before. They still may be asked to complete an assessment on Google Docs or other systems. However, unlike when in school, the assessment may not lower a student’s grade as of March 16, 2020. Any previous grades may still affect a student grade, though. Any assignments a student fails to complete may be marked as incomplete.  

The goal for remote learning is to show a students progress during this time and how they are learning. It is new to all of MCHS, so the teachers and staff are doing their best to support their students in continuing their learning skills and keeping up their work. 

Even though tests and assignments may not lower a students grade, it is expected that students continue to work to the best of their ability and show effort. As it is new to everyone, their as to be teamwork.