Strong finish for freshman girls volleyball team

Silas Slavik, Sports Media class

After a strong start to the season, the freshman Minooka girls volleyball team ended with a third-place finish in the Plainfield North tournament this fall.

This season, the Orange team coached by Coral Berta endedwith an overall record of 19-7-3 and a conference record of 8-3, finishing 3rd.

The black team coached by Chris Lincoln finished 11-0 winning conference and 18-10-1 overall.

The girls had many big wins this season, but one win that stands out in particular was a win against Plainfield East in the Plainfield North tournament.

“This was a big win for us because we lost to them in a conference game two days prior to the tournament. We proved to them that they were going to have to fight for the win. Just because they beat us once, doesn’t mean it was going to happen again,” freshman Ella Manning said.

The girls would finish the game in two sets winning 25-20 and 25-8.

Although there were many ups this season, there were some downs in injuries.

“I sprained my left ankle, it was a grade 2 ligament tear and I was out for about 3 weeks. I was in a lot of pain and still have a little bit. Volleyball was on my mind even more and I kept wondering when I was gonna go back,” freshman Kara Schaack said.

She would return with little of the season remaining. 

“The season went really well for us. We all grew relationships that made our team do so well because we all worked together. The team and coach Berta were all very satisfied with how the season ended,” freshman Audrey Gil said.

Audrey Gil and Rachel Reibenstein led the team in kills, and Jayden Wilkinson led the team in aces.

“I think overall all the girls contributed to the success of this season. From the starters to the girls on the bench, I was able to pull anyone to play any position and had full confidence in all of them to step up when needed. I look forward to seeing them come out next year for the JV team,” Coach Berta said.