Despite adjustments, Homecoming assemblies a success


Joanna James

Alex Olsen defeats Principal Bryan Zwemke during the rock-paper-scissors competition at Central Campus during the Homecoming assembly.

Due to a rainy Friday, the students of MCHS kicked off the Homecoming weekend indoors with two morning assemblies, one at each campus. 

The usual Homecoming assembly schedule was thrown off course when the rain began to pour late Thursday night.  That caused the originally scheduled Friday afternoon assembly to be moved.

“They did really good with having to make adjustments with the assembly being inside,” Ashley Dorman, senior, said.

Along with the adjustments, new activities were added, like the rock-paper-scissors competition, which was ultimately won by REACH Homecoming king Alex Olsen. 

The competition started Thursday, and student battled each other in rock-paper-scissors in order to win beads. The person from each class with the most beads by Friday morning got to compete at the assembly. 

At Central Campus, after emcee Mr. Matt Marino asked for the students with the most beads to come down to the floor, senior Ryan Breen ran across the gym floor to give Olsen all of the beads he had gathered. Students then started chanting his Olsen’s name. 

“I started crying when they were throwing their beads at me,” Olsen said. 

Olsen then proceeded to beat Ben Joder, the junior competitor, before facing Mr. Bryan Zwemke, principal. Olsen ultimately won the competition, and the crowd went wild.

“I was really happy. I was really excited, too,” Olsen said. 

Although the assemblies were at two separate campuses, the format was similar.

A section of the assembly was dedicated to the relay race.  An abundance of students participated in this activity, the goal being to be the first to finish the race.

“Relay races were fun to watch and very entertaining and adrenaline pumping,” Ryan Kickels, junior, said.

The cheer and dance squads also had amazing performances. 

“I really like theatrics, so all of the dancing and cheering was so fun to me,” said senior Kennedy Crye. 

Sophomore Tommy Baltz won the pie-eating contest at South, while junior Luke Parker won at Central. 

During the annual tug-of-war, freshmen beat the faculty at South, while the faculty won over the seniors at Central.

“It’s friendly competition, senior Taelyn Houston said.  “It’s just a good way to connect with more friends and cheering on someone you don’t know. It gives a good high school experience.” 

Jacob Checca, Sarah Lakomiak, Mikayla Thurman, Macy Cornelius, Leigha Kroehler, Emily Mepham, Miah Seloover, Lanie Baranoski, Bradley Gambosi, Joanna James, Sofia Casmiro, Lily Powell, Jonathan Price, and Stephanie Elmore contributed to this report.