Wacky Wednesday fun for students


Katie Shields

Moira Kozlowski, freshman, participated in Wacky Wednesday during Homecoming Week.

Katie Shields, Opinion

Wacky Wednesday allowed everyone to get a little goofy.

Students are seen wearing as little as mismatched socks to as extreme as wearing Hawaiian shirts or a clown wig for this dress-up day during Homecoming Week. 

Moira Kozlowski, freshman, was seen in an outfit that fit the theme well.

She was wearing two colorful, rainbow suspenders with cool socks and mismatched shoes. 

There were many students participating in Wacky Wednesday, but a some didn’t participate because they didn’t want to or had a conflict with a school assignment.

“I had a speech,” Joclyn Host, sophomore, said.

For some, it’s hard to find clothes to wear for this day so the students who dressed up should have been commended even more.

Another student who was dressed up to take on the day was Macy Cornelius. She wore a Hawaiian shirt which complemented her mismatched socks. 

Wacky Wednesday was overall, a great day for Homecoming Week and way to show spirit and students had a good time.

“I felt really cool,” Ashly Adams, sophomore, said. 

Homecoming week is that one week during the school year where every student gets a chance to have fun with each other through outfits.

“I don’t think spirit week would be spirit week without Wacky Wednesday,” Kathryn Cichon, sophomore, said.