Homecoming: 25 years ago


1994-95 MCHS yearbook

Jimmy Gura and Jennie Thompson were crowned Homecoming king and queen, respectively, in 1994. The two were dating, later married, and now live in Minooka.

Miah Seloover, Media & Journalism I

In his 1995 senior yearbook, Jimmy Gura said his most memorable night of high school was “being Homecoming king with Jen being queen.”

Gura was referencing the 1994 Minooka Homecoming Dance and his date Jennie Thompson.

Years later after this magical night, Thompson and Gura ended up getting married as high school sweethearts and having kids. 

“You have no idea,” Gura said in 2019. “Life starts to settle down and become routine. We live by the school, drive past it everyday, all those memories faded overtime. And going through old pictures … it’s very nostalgic.”

The night of Sept. 24, 1994, was themed “Paradise Found.”

The week prior had different themes every day, such as Tropical Day, Sports Day, Wild-Wild-West Day, ’70s Day and finally, Spirit Day. There were also activities that week: the Pudding Pool, Flex Off and the Dance Off. 

Saturday held the football game where Minooka won 14-12 against the Kaneland Knights. Although it was sprinkling and cloudy, Minooka was victorious and pumped for the dance that night. 

By the time the dance started, everyone was ecstatic; students danced all night. 

Couples loved the slow songs, more music played got everyone on their feet. If students weren’t dancing they were laughing, having a great time.

Although there were many couples, none could compare to Queen Jennie Thompson and King Jimmy Gura.