Chance the Rapper’s new album not his best

Chance the Rapper released his newest album

Chance the Rapper released his newest album “The Big Day” in July.

Gracie Condon-Brady, Editor-in-Chief

After waiting nearly three years for a new album, Chance the Rapper has finally delivered. On the morning of July 26, Chance dropped the album The Big Day, which was inspired by his wedding day.  

With the Coloring Book album being such a big hit in 2016, most fans were not as amazed by this new 19 song album. 

Coloring Book was more personal; The Big Day not lacked a personal touch, but also failed to distinguish itself from other rap albums.  My initial thought was, “This is what we waited three years for? I stayed up until midnight to listen to this?”

Of the 19 tracks, “Groceries” is the only one that stands out, and that is because it is catchy.  Not necessarily that good, just catchy. 

“There was a lot of ‘hype’ on his last album and he made us wait for so long just for it to not reach up to the standards I had in my head,” senior Aiden Breen said. 

Some songs did hit Billboard’s Top 100: “All Day Long,”  “Sun Come Down” and “Do You Remember,” which hits a little closer to home for us Chicago people since it refers to Chance’s younger days here in the Windy City. 

Senior Matt Fisher also felt as though the album could have been better.

“It’s definitely not bad, Chance is a great artist,” Fisher said. “I think we all had really high expectations and for it to sound like his old music. It was just different.” 

As of now, we will be waiting patiently once again for the next album drop, let’s just hope it doesn’t take three years.