Stadium renovations a hit with students


Minooka celebrates a score in the north endzone during the first home game on artificial turf on Aug. 30.

Blake Gromos, Sports Media class

The first round of practices and games has taken place on the new Minooka artificial turf field, and most of the players and students love it.

Minooka underwent a $3.2-million renovation during the summer to its athletic field and track, ripping out the grass field and put in turf. The construction didn’t start till July and there were some concerns about the field not being ready in time for the football season, but the field finished just days before the first kickoff.

The field is now designed with alternate green to dark green throughout.  Black and orange sidelines surround the field, and black endzones with “Minooka” and “Indians” in orange rest on the ends.

“This turf field is really nice and the colors on the field really make the jersey’s pop,” senior soccer player Niko Vercelote said.

Since the field started later than originally anticipated, the plans of moving the home bleachers to the visiting side is delayed, resulting in the Indian head in the center of the field being backwards from the home team’s point of view.

“The new field looks great, I just can’t wait for the bleachers to be moved to the other side next year,” junior Michael Ruettiger said.

Also, since the field started late, they couldn’t start renovations on the track and instead will finish it within the end of the year.

“It looks amazing but I can’t wait for the track to get done,” sophomore Damian Leypold said.

Chris Schellhorn, Spencer Tracy, and Caleb Parker contributed to this story.