JV girls volleyball hopes for winning season

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JV girls volleyball hopes for winning season

Caleb Parker, Sports Media class

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The JV girls volleyball team hopes to grab a conference title and place in all three of the tournaments they compete in this year. 

This year the JV level is looking again at head coach Nicole Diamond to lead them to success. 

There is a great amount of talent on the team as four returning JV players are added to an already successful freshman team. The team last year ended with a record of 18-9-1, and finished by winning the bronze championship at the Plainfield North tournament.

 “JV has a lot of talent all around and should be fun to watch,” Diamond said of this year’s team.

The volleyball program as a whole isn’t making any major changes to the way the play, but they look to tweak little things in order to account for more wins, along with getting contributions from all of the girls.

“I hope to contribute by being a strong hitter and being a supportive teammate,” Emma Thomson, sophomore, said.

The JV team is excited for their game at rival Joliet Catholic, a game both Diamond and the players are looking forward to. School and personal rivalries come into play. 

“JCA is a game I’m looking forward to because we’re rivals and I know a lot of girls on the team and I want to beat them,” sophomore Kendal Franklin said.

The ’19-’20 volleyball season starts Sept. 4 with an away game at Joliet Catholic.