Freshman volleyball hopes for strong bond this season

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Freshman volleyball hopes for strong bond this season

Silas Slavik, Sports Media class

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It’s time for the freshman girls volleyball season to begin and the team is excited to begin play. 

The freshman girls volleyball teams, led by coaches Chris Lincoln and Coral Berta are both very equally skilled and are looking to be successful this season. This season instead of having an A and B team, the coaches split the girls up into a black team and an orange team. Lincoln will be coaching the black team and Berta will coach the orange team.

“The girls are meshing very well as a team,” Berta said.

One of the goals for this season for both coaches is to develop the girls into JV-type players.

“We want to develop the girls into more improved players for next year since JV is sophomore and junior,” Berta said. 

Compared to last season, the style of play will be much different than last season.

“Last year we had a much more defensive team and this year will be a lot more offense,” Lincoln said.

The girls and coaches have many expectations they are looking up to.

“The expectations I have for this season is our team doing very well because as a group, we are a family. Each team has a great group of girls with two great coaches that bring us together, which makes one good game,” freshman Audrey Gil said.

“This year I expect that we will play some good teams and that we will win some and lose some games. I hope that we can go pretty far into tournament play and that we can grow closer as a team,” freshman Ella Manning said.

The first game is Wednesday, Sept. 4 at Joliet Catholic Academy at 5 p.m.