Scholastic bowl completes season

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Scholastic bowl completes season

James McGrew, Sports Team

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The scholastic bowl team ended their season with a 370-340 loss to Coal City at the LaSalle-Peru 2A Regional.

“(Coal City) was ranked 7th in our sectional, and I was very proud of our unranked Minooka varsity team for coming back to even the score, even if we didn’t win the match,” said head coach Jason Allen.

Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA-sanctioned team academic competition. Minooka’s scholastic bowl team competes with teams all across the state at the junior varsity and varsity levels. The questions the students are inquired coincide with the schools core academic area of the high school curriculum. The style of play is similar to the game of Jeopardy!, with the exception of a five-person team concept and additional bonus questions.

“Our record was was not very good this year due to the heavy junior mix, but we ended the season with 8 wins and 15 losses,” said Allen

A typical match consists of 20 individual toss-up questions and each of these is followed by three additional bonus questions in which the students can work together as a team. Each question is worth 10 points, and questions consists of the following topics: math, science, history, social sciences, literature, fine arts, and miscellaneous.

The team practices once a week. In their practices they study these topics and review them daily on their own, to assure themselves that they are ready for the challenges and tournaments ahead. The team also travels to cultural institutions like the Art institute of Chicago and many others.

“I enjoy being a part of the scholastic bowl team mostly for the leadership and for the simple fact that I enjoy any kind of trivia and I love the bonding we get in during the sport and the great amount of information we learn that may be helpful later on in life,” said junior Grant Kaufman.

Allen, has just completed his fifth year of coaching scholastic bowl, and has still never grown tired of watching his player’s understanding and knowledge of the game grow.

“I really enjoy watching the students grow and improve as the year progresses. I also enjoy trivia and have learned many things myself while coaching the team,” he said

The JV team is coached by Mr. Matt Marino, and although he coaches JV instead of varsity, he knows that his team is still highly skilled and is also capable of great things.

“I am very happy to share that they finished the year in 1st place in our conference! There is no higher accomplishment for the JV team, so this is fantastic news,” said Allen.

Allen hopes and believes that the students will leave the scholastic bowl team with a greater appreciation for these topics that they might not otherwise encounter in their everyday lives.

“I find that most high school students do not have knowledge of topics like art, opera, classical music, and theoretical mathematics,” said Allen. “Through our competitions, our students gain knowledge of these and many other topics.”