Captain Marvel provides fun, backstory

Captain Marvel provides fun, backstory

Dana Morgan, A&E Team Leader

For Marvel fans, 2019 is an interesting year. The final Avengers film, Endgame, is set for release on April 26, and the second Spider-Man film, Far From Home, on July 5. Many fans have been waiting for these two movies for quite a while and there is a lot of hype surrounding them, but not many have been paying attention to the film surrounding the new character that will be introduced in the final installment of the Avengers movies.

On March 8, Captain Marvel hit theaters, and while it received mixed reviews, there is a lot to like in this movie.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel follows an extraterrestrial warrior (Brie Larson) who gets caught in the middle of a battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth, she keeps having memories of a different life as a U.S. Air Force pilot. With the help of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Captain Marvel has to uncover the truth about her past while battling her superiors to end the conflict with the Skrulls.

Personally, I wasn’t confident in Captain Marvel simply because of the lack of conversation surrounding it. Not many people seemed to be excited about it, and I didn’t hear a lot of fans talking about it. The release of this movie was also just really bad timing. With Avengers: Endgame coming out next month and Spider-Man: Far From Home over the summer, not too many people were paying attention to this random new Marvel movie.

From the start, the movie didn’t seem promising — it was just all over the place. The set design team didn’t really seem to know what they were doing. One of the first main fight scenes was set on a different planet, and the editing was not great. The set looked like you were looking at the actual set, and not a different planet.

At the beginning, the movie was generally hard to follow with not much explanation to help audiences through the scenes. A lot of the acting was awkward and the dialogue was rushed, specifically between Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), so it was harder to understand what was happening. Once Captain Marvel was on her own, though, the movie finally started picking up. A lot of the acting, in general, seemed to get better and the fight scenes definitely improved.

One thing that stuck out to me in this movie was Captain Marvel’s backstory. Considering she is going to be a key character in Endgame, I figured this movie would just explain why she would be important in the future, but Marvel provided an actual backstory. One main way this was done was through Captain Marvel’s memories of her past life, which was a key concept in the movie. Audiences got to see why Captain Marvel is the way she is, and everything that she did up until the point she was at in the movie.

Considering Captain Marvel wasn’t talked about much initially, it was a surprisingly good movie. Even though it was fairly rough from the start, I was definitely proven wrong by all of the intense fight scenes and the frequent one-liners provided by the one and only, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). For all the Marvel fans out there: the late Stan Lee DOES make a cameo in the movie, making for one of the best scenes in the whole movie, so if you weren’t looking forward to seeing this movie, you at least have that to look forward to. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not this movie is, for sure, one to see.