Ariana Grande releases ‘most personal’ album

Ariana Grande releases 'most personal' album

Claire Evelyne Edwards, Opinion Team Leader

Out of the five albums Ariana Grande has released, Thank U, Next, is one of her best albums, allowing her listeners to get a taste of how she dealt with difficult times in her life.

Pop singer Grande, released her fifth album, Thank U, Next, on Feb. 8, not even less than six months after her fourth album, Sweetener.

Many fans shared their opinions on her new album, claiming this is the “best one yet.” This album is probably the most personal one Grande has dropped, allowing her listeners to get a taste of how she’s personally dealt with difficult times and mourning.

If you were deciding on whether you should tune into her album, you just might want to after you hear about some of her hit songs on the album.

Grande dropped three singles from Thank U, Next: Thank you, next, imagine, and 7 rings.

“Thank U, Next,” the title track has a positive vibe to breakups that Grande has had in the past years.

The lyrics of “Imagine” lead to being in denial about the end of a relationship, and pretending it never actually ended. The chorus consists of Grande saying, “…imagine a world like that”, as if she’s creating this fantasy of what she wished had happened.

“7 Rings” had an interesting background story as Grande explained in a tweet in December. Grande mentioned her and her friends went out to Tiffany’s, with Grande buying all of her friends rings. One of her friends later suggested that their experience should be made into a song and they wrote it that same afternoon.

Those three singles set the mood for what the upcoming album would look like and many fans, including myself, looked forward to what Grande had in store.

Grande’s album is her reality, and I truly enjoy that she chose to share that with her fans through her music. Many people can relate to Grande’s lyrics and I believe that is very important to let others know they’re not the only ones feeling a certain way.

Thank U, Next, was followed by a new music video for one of her songs on the album, “Break Up With Your Girlfriend.” Many listeners began to predict what the meaning behind the video was.

The significant meanings behind Grande’s new singles and music videos is what makes her album that much more enjoyable.