Freshman drop game against Joliet Catholic

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Freshman drop game against Joliet Catholic

DeMarcus Lee, Sports Media class

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On Dec. 10,  Minooka’s freshman boy basketball team visited Joliet Catholic for an intense game of basketball.

The Hilltoppers ended up coming out on top over the Indians 43-37.

The leading scorer for Minooka was Trevor Hudak with 14.

“In the second half the defense, was better than in the first half,” Hudak said.

In spite of that, Minooka kept the game close in the first half.

“Second half defense was better, and we limited turnovers in the second half,” said freshman head coach Trinity Saelens.

Playing full court defense led to taking some momentum.

“Our press was good at times and that led to some turnovers,” freshman Ivan Dahlberg said.

DeMarcus Lee is a member of the Minooka boys freshman basketball team. 

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