5 years ago: Homecoming 2013


M-Di-An yearbook, 2013-2014

At the 2013 Homecoming Dance, sophomores Theo Romac, Austin Sims, Ryan DiBiase, and Brad VanAsdlen compete in a game of bags in the South Campus cafeteria. “I really liked playing bags because we had a mini-tournament with some of my friends,” said DiBiase.

Dylan Jones, Media I Journalism I

If ever an event has disappointed you, it sure wasn’t the MCHS 2013 Homecoming, for that night was one to remember.

The theme for Homecoming was “Around the World” and was organized by the MCHS student council.

On the night of the Homecoming Dance, Saturday, Oct. 6, many different activities were set up for the students to take part in.

The most popular game from several different countries were set up in the gyms of South Campus for the students to enjoy.

But before the fun of Homecoming day, there were school spirit days every day of the week leading up to the main event.

The first day of the Homecoming Week was kicked off with the Homecoming parade, where more than 36 different school clubs and activities marched together to celebrate.

“It was so much fun! I’m returning for the next year’s if we have another!” Ryan Hamilton, freshman, said in the 2013-2014 yearbook.

One day of the week was Pajama Day, a day when the students and teachers were encouraged to wear their pajamas to school.

Another spirit day was Thrift Shop Day, where everyone dressed up in all of their most thrift shop-esque clothing.

The second to last day was Twin Day. The day where friends dressed up in the same clothes in order to look as close as they can to one another.

The final day before Homecoming was the School Spirit Day. A day devoted to showing your school spirit and pride.

Later, before the day of Homecoming, there was the football and powderpuff game.

The football game was played against Oswego East, which Minooka lost 37-27.

The powderpuff football game was won by the juniors, with points scored by Marisol Galvan and Megan Quirk for the senior class, and Sydney Monroe and Taylor Prieboy both scored for the junior class.  Senior beat the juniors 20-12.

Finally the day of the Homecoming Dance arrived, and the title of Homecoming King and Queen were awarded to Colton White and Melissa Ballak, respectively.