Rapper Mac Miller, gone too soon

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Rapper Mac Miller, gone too soon

Gracie Condon-Brady, School News Team Leader

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Artists of all kinds make their fans feel some type of way through their music. Mac Miller is just one example.  

Rapper Mac Miller (Malcolm James McCormick) was pronounced dead at his Studio House on Sept. 7 from an apparent drug overdose.

Miller was born on Jan. 19, 1992, in Pittsburgh. He started rapping at the age of 14. Before being known as Mac Miller, he went by “EZ Mac” and released a mixtape called “But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy” in 2015.

Over the course of his career, Miller made five studio albums, two extended plays, one live album, 12 mixtapes, 31 singles, one promotional single and 41 music videos.

Just like many artists, Miller left marks on his fans, and his surprise death did not sit well with them.

Junior Sofia Rosales says Miller helped her through many hard times and his death was a complete shock to her.

“I was supposed to see him in December. I was mourning his loss for days, and I still cry every time a couple certain songs come on,” Rosales said. “It made me feel so real, I never thought something like this would happen to my favorite artist and the fact that it did was really eye-opening.”

Not only did Miller’s death make his fans feel grief, but also it made some of them think differently.

“I think Mac’s death shows that even the most successful people who have so much money and fame can go through so much pain and feel so lonely,” senior Carlos Hernandez said, “We think that because they’re famous they don’t get sad and that’s not true, they are real people with real feelings and can go through so much,” he said.

Miller left many imprints on his fans’ hearts. He had a Jewish funeral and was buried at Homewood Cemetery in his hometown.