Student Profile: Mysliwiec has passion for baseball


Andrew Mysliwiec is a junior at MCHS.

Andreanna Haritopoulos, Editor-In-Chief

Note: The MCHS journalism staff randomly selects students to highlight. We believe that everyone has a story.

Some people develop a passion for a certain sport before they can even speak. Tiger Woods was swinging a golf club by the age of 2.

Others, such as five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, wait until they enter into school to work toward turning something they like to watch into something in which they actively participate.

Junior Andrew Mysliwiec is much like the former of these two sports icons. He began playing baseball at only 3 years old and still plays to this day.

“It’s what I’ve been doing for the past 13 or 14 years, so my whole life has revolved around baseball,” Mysliwiec said.

He has been a part of the school’s baseball team for both his freshman and sophomore seasons, this past spring under coach Wes Anderson, career and technical education department.

“Andrew always put the team’s needs first and was very supportive of his teammates,” Anderson said, “He is a good baseball player, but an even better person.”

Mysliwiec played outfield and did not commit one defensive error throughout the duration of the season. His batting average was .333 and held the most runs scored for the season at 32.

“He works hard, holds himself to a high standard and truly wants what is best for the team,” Anderson said.

He also plays baseball competitively with the Illinois Hawks out of Shorewood. Playing for a travel team is a large commitment that takes up his time year-round, therefore limiting the time that he has for other hobbies or activities outside of this sport.

However, Mysliwiec does like to take time out of his baseball schedule to spend time with friends that he has made both through baseball and here at MCHS.

“There is a group of us that live within a 5-mile radius of one another that really like to hang out and do things together nearly every weekend,” Mysliwiec said.

Mysliwiec hopes to continue his career in baseball at the varsity level this year, along with making more time to focus on his family and friends.