Several new albums dropped over summer

Kids See Ghosts, made up of Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Andre 3000 from OutKast, dropped a new album in June.

Kids See Ghosts, made up of Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Andre 3000 from OutKast, dropped a new album in June.

Colin Cast, Sports Team Leader

Over the past summer and also recently, there have been quite a few album drops in the music industry. Many big name artists have recently released new music to help continue success in their careers. There have also been a few artists and music groups that have had surprisingly high numbers near the top of the charts. With a summer full of new music, there sure was a lot of excitement and disappointment over the past few months.


June was a good month of new music. Many artists released music to continue their success, and there were also some new artists who came out with new music to kick-start their careers. To kick off the new summer with new music, Kanye West dropped a brand-new album Ye to add on to his already historic music career. Although Kanye has almost always topped the music charts, Ye did not produce as much hits as some of his other albums. The two most popular songs on the album were “All Mine” and “Yikes,” both making their way into the top 10 on The Billboard Top 100 Songs.

A new music group named “Kids See Ghosts” dropped their first album, and it was a huge success. The rap band has a few popular artists featured in the album such as Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Andre 3000 from OutKast. The new and surprising rap group did fantastic with their first album and they kept fans wondering more and more about the group and when the next time they will drop new music will be. Some of the most popular songs in the album were “Reborn” and “Cudi Montage,” This was personally one of my favorite albums of the summer.

Five Seconds of Summer put out new music for the first time in a long time. They dropped a single named “Youngblood,” which was and still is a huge success. If you turn on the radio in your car, there is a good chance that you will hear Youngblood playing. As the summer went on, the song got more and more popular. With good vocals, a vibeable beat, and just a good song to listen to, Youngblood was definitely one of the most successful songs of the summer.

Panic at the Disco put out a new album titled Pray for the Wicked. With lead singer Brendon Urie promising, “the best has yet to come,” it surely didn’t come with this new album. It led many of the bands fans disappointed with their new music. Fans of this band know that the band had huge potential to drop successful songs, they just failed to accomplish that with this album. There weren’t many popular songs on the album, but the two most popular songs were “Hey, Look Ma’ I Made it” and “High Hopes”. Such a huge disappointment for the band and the fans.


July was a very poor month for music fans. Barely any big-name artists put out any music. Chance the Rapper put out a few new songs but nothing too popular on charts. The most popular of those songs was “I might need security.

Denzel Curry put out a new album. As like most of his music, it was not very good and not many people listened to it.

Wiz Khalifa released a new album titled Rolling Papers II. This album was neutral when it came to success. It had a few songs that were very good and also a few songs that were not so good. The most popular song on the album was “Hopeless Romantic feat. Swae Lee”. The song did very well on the charts as it is a very catchy song with a unique beat.

Another single named “No Brainer” was released by DJ Khaled. The song was yet another disappointing song and it was not as good as it could’ve been. No Brainer has famous artists in the song such as Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper. It also has a catchy beat to the song. For some odd reason the song did not do very well.


The month of August has so far been an amazing month for new music. Picking a place to start is a very difficult thing to do. Travis Scott put out a new album titled Astroworld. Astroworld has quite a few songs that are very popular such as “Sicko Mode” and “Yosemite.” Sicko moda has definitely been one of the most popular songs of the summer as you could almost always hear it on the radio.

Mac Miller put out a new album for the first time in a short while named Swimming. Some of the most listened to songs on that album are “Self Care” and “What’s the Use?”

Trippie Redd put out another album titled Life’s a Trip. The album did not do as good as many thought it would. It did put out a few hit songs but nothing too major. The most popular songs on the album are “Missing My Idols” and “Taking a Walk.”

YG recently put out some new music. He released an album named STAY DANGEROUS. The album has not been very popular thus far but there has still been a big hit song on the album, “Big Bank, feat. Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean.” Personally, this song is not very good, but a majority of music listeners are fans.