Top 10 Soft Drinks

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Top 10 Soft Drinks

Nicholas Ledesma, A&E Team

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Teenagers consume mass amounts of soda.  Here are our Top 10.


10. Cola.  

Not Coke-A-Cola. Off brand, generic Cola. It’s perfect and plain.  There are many types of off brand sodas that use the word cola in their name, but this one is just Cola, pure and simple.  It tastes likes Coke, but just a little bit, to avoid copyright laws.  You can find these at Jewel or Aldi’s.


9. RC Cola

Or otherwise known as Royal Crown Cola. RC gets bonus points for being the first soda to be manufactured in a can, something that every soda today followed up on.  Still has a sharp taste to it though, even if it is overshadowed by their competition.


8. Mountain Dew

In the past few years Mountain Dew has become synonymous with trying to sell themselves to those who play video games with promises for rewards. While the drink itself is loaded with sugar in order to give it that signature taste.  The overwhelming sugar may turn off many, but it’s better to try Mountain Dew as a snack beverage, not something your going to be drinking at dinner or lunch, but somewhere in between as a snack.


7. Sprite

This is the only successful drink that advertises itself with a lemon lime taste.  So credit where credit is due in that case. Sprite has managed to garner a personal fan base that likes its rather weird combination of flavors, while the drink itself is pretty good, but your gonna only be ordering when the restaurant has nothing else.


6.A&E Root Beer.  

Root Beer always holds a special place in our hearts, when our parents thought thought that Root Beer was better than outright giving a kid soda. Crack open a A&E root beer. It’s been too long.


5. Crush

The most overlooked drink at restaurants is Crush, one of the few good things with a orange flavor.  Crush is the drink you always passed up at restaurants for another one, don’t do that anymore, finally give it a try.


4. Dr. Pepper

The choice of drink for many Texans.  Dr. Pepper does the job up for many of those in the South, so it’s good enough to do the job up here in the midwest. Whether or not it’s actually mixed with 23 flavors is irrelevant, but hey, as long as it tastes good.


3. Pepsi

You get this one at restaurants that don’t have coke. The King of Pop Michael Jackson helped propel this drink into super stardom, and helped it compete with Coke. Pepsi is the best alternative  to one of the most popular soft drinks of all time.  But you probably already knew that.


2. Coke-a-Cola

You can’t beat the classics. Coke has been here since the 1800’s and been going on strong since.   With virtually in no short supply, it is fantastic and classic that everyone  in this country has tried at least once.


1. Strawberry-Crush

A&E team leader recommended this himself. He knows his drinks.  The all-so satisfying taste of Crush with a beautiful flavor to throw into the mix.

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