Top 10 Area Restaurants

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Top 10 Area Restaurants




Nicholas Ledesma, A&E Team

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The area around Minooka Community High School has plenty of places to eat.  Here are my Top 10.

10. Old Fashioned Pancake House in Joliet
Since 1986, Old Fashioned Pancake House has beautiful-looking food, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But admittedly, you need to show up for their breakfast. The amount of breakfasts they offer is fantastic.

9. Grandma’s Pancake House in Minooka
As the name implies, GPH’s speciality is pancakes, waffles, and other various breakfast meals.  They even sport actual lunches if you show up just a bit past 12.

8. Happy Place in Shorewood
What sets Happy Place out from other breakfast places is their beautiful aesthetics inside. Stone wall, and classic wood design bleeds all over Happy Place, making it somewhere you should check out at least once.

7. Ruby’s Burritos in Minooka
Classic Mexican meals are at Ruby’s.  Not so much a place you’d go for in the morning but definitely somewhere to pick up a taco, or a tamale if you don’t have your grandmother around.

6. Dock Rotz in Minooka
A&E’s team leader Alec works here.  That’s you reason to go there.  And they have a good variety of food.

5. Lallo’s in Channahon
Similar to Ruby’s, but this is the place where you go for the Mexican food, but you plan on staying to eat dinner there, Ironically, they have better burritos than Ruby’s Burritos.

4. Giordano’s in Minooka
Straight from Chicago, Giordano’s serves all kinds of dinners you would want, either inside the restaurant, or just ordering out.  But you probably know them for their deep dish pizza.

3. Shrimp Barn in Minooka
From the depths of the deep, this one of the only seafood places that you can find.  As you can guess, their speciality is shrimp, which comes in just as many forms as those Bubba from Forrest Gump lists off.

2. Sherwood Oaks Family Restaurant in Morris
Perhaps the nicest place you could go for breakfast.  The employees at Sherwood Oaks smile in the morning, and are ready to serve you  while you can’t.  Plus they have some of the best Mexican food out of any other breakfast place.

1. Pesciolino Osteria in Channahon
The fanciest (and priciest) out of any restaurant listed prior, but they do excel in food and atmosphere. Being the best place to get Italian food regardless of how close it is to where you are.

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