Top 10 Netflix Originals

Nick Ledesma, A&E Team

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Netflix has had success producing its own content.  Here are the Top 10 selections.

10. Sandy Wexler
Adam Sandler plays as Sandy Wexler who is a talent manager in 1990’s, based partially on Adam Sandler’s actual talent agent.  Wexler is pretty solid for a Adam Sandler film.  If you liked one of his earlier films like Happy Gilmore or the Waterboy, you’ll find something to like in this.

9. Bright
Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and (Joel Edgerton) Nick Jacoby are two cops in a alternate universe where monsters and fairytales exist.  Jacoby is a orc, while Daryl is a human, and the two must pull together to survive one wild night in the city, with heavy racial undertones as the world does not like orcs.  The film warrants viewing because of the interesting premise that the setting brings, all the subtle differences in society and the way the world functions with Orcs, Elves, and Humans .  The main problem with the movie is that there is too much wasted potential, hopefully the newly announced sequel will pick up the slack

8. Luke Cage
Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is trying to settle down in Harlem, a neighborhood in New York,  all while the criminal underworld wreaks havoc into his peaceful plans.  This leads to him taking up action against them.  Elements of his past as a ex-con are revealed to the audience throughout.  The neighborhood and city itself for that matter feels fleshed out and so realistic that it makes Luke Cage stand out.  The way the environment creates characters like Cage and some villains turns what would have been a run of the mill show into a superhero show that is actually worth watching.

7. Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman is a adult animated sitcom that stands out from all others.  It’s no Family Guy, and no Simpsons either.  Bojack Horseman goes its own way by telling the story of a washed-out has-been celebrity trying to climb his way back to stardom.  The Netflix series tackles subjects like depression, drug abuse, Hollywood culture, all while doing it in a way that makes it stand out without having to sink itself to low standards. It’s funny, while being mature at the same time.  That’s a rarity in adult cartoons.

6. Daredevil
The breakout Marvel Superhero for the platform, Daredevil, manages to start out weak but ultimately become stronger as the show progresses.  It’s notable to note how weak it starts because the rise in quality in episodes puts into perspective on how well written the rest of the show is.  Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is Daredevil, blinded by a tragic accident at a young age, and left orphaned shortly after, has become a lawyer by daytime and a vigilante by night.  Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) are his co-workers trying to start up their own lawyer business while digging deeper into cases that reveal a larger overarching plot with the criminal underworld.

5. Trailer Park Boys
This is good to turn on while turning your brain off.  Three guy, just go do their own thing all while being funny to boot.  It is mature, though, and it cannot be overstated that you should not be watching this with a mom or dad in the room.

4 .Castlevania
Way back in the 1980’s a video game called Castlevania was released for the NES.  Twenty years later, it receives the perfect vision for what the game would have been as a TV show.  Its art style details a mystifying medieval Europe while the protagonist, Simon Belmont, is the last surviving member of the Belmonts.  Dealing with religious zealot priests, and gothic horror monsters, the four-episode series is too short for its own good.  But it’s perfect to watch in one setting, and season two is on the way.

3. Devilman Crybaby
Based off a Japanese Manga, Devilman Crybaby follows Akira Fud, and his transformation into Devilman.  Devilman takes it upon himself to stop demons from reappearing into this world.  He takes them on himself,while his friends throughout the show go through twists and turns as the demons keep coming.  It’s a good series for doing exact opposite of what you expect while doing exactly what you thought they would do.  With a premise like that, you never know what’s going to happen, keeping the series interesting and engaging through its 10-episode run.

2. Punisher
Employing a terrific actor (Jon Bernthal) who was perfect for the role, Punisher was one of the best action shows to have been released to date, dealing with serious topics, and amazing feats, performed by a man who is not a superhero in any way, but just a hero.  

1.Stranger Things
A love letter to the ’80s, Stranger Things, is a scientific-fiction horror series that has little horror.  It would be more accurate to say the series is a bit of a thriller with a group of four kids trying to discover what happened to their friend Will, who disappeared one night with a mysterious girl suddenly appearing a day later.  The mother of Will and a depressed police officer try to uncover the boys fate themselves.  The beauty of Stranger Things is that it captures the aesthetic of the ’80s down to the letter, while casting child actors that all shine in their rolls.  Stranger Things is the flagship series for Netflix Originals with great reasons.  Out of all the shows to have aired on Netflix, this has been the best.


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