Family traditions vary at Thanksgiving

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Family traditions vary at Thanksgiving

Nicholas Ledesma, A&E Team

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The Fat Man’s holiday isn’t here yet, but it is important to remember the younger brother to the December holiday that we are all too familiar with — Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has its own set of built in customs. A turkey with stuffing usually involved with the TV tuned to the football game.  Entire families come over to a house, usually bringing their own side dish of food or drinks.

But beyond that, every family carries their own unique set of traditions. Some families end up having two Thanksgivings in one day.  One half of the day is spent on one side of the family, the other half is spent on the other half.

Amy Hobbs, senior, spends the entire day with just her immediate family, but her cousin Cathy, tries to bring the entire neighborhood block, seeing them just as close as family.

Calvin Frankfurt, junior could be at a football game all day with his grandparents, and sisters, treating Thanksgiving as a treat.  He isn’t the only one to celebrate with his grandparents though.

Cameron Pekelddr, junior, heads over to his grandmother’s house, where he and the rest of his family play a large game of poker, and gamble over piles of candy.  

Ashley Scott, junior, has her whole family come in from Tennessee and Texas a week in advance.  While she’s trying to not suffocate in her cramped house, she’s watching her dad deep fry their center piece meal, the turkey.

In a bigger picture, Thanksgiving can be like Christmas, as every family can do their own little interpretation of the holiday, and even its meaning to some degree.  But if there is one guarantee they all have, most will forget about Thanksgiving pie, turkey, ham, and stuffing so they can hurry up and buy last-minute Christmas gifts.

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