New album features 8 songs by Minooka grad Patino


Minooka graduate Kathy Patino recently released the album Sunflower Court with 8 songs written by her.

Tommy Virgl, Editor-in-Chief

Current university student Kathy Patino, also known as “Girl K,” has wanted to make music professionally for some time. While not majoring in music in college, she wants to somehow figure out a way to let her music be heard.

On Oct. 5, the local artist released her debut album, Sunflower Court. The indie-style album featured eight songs all written by Patino, MCHS Class of 2016.

The song everybody heard before the album’s release, Neighbors, resonated with many people in the Minooka village, even beyond. The reviews of the album have been overwhelmingly positive- and this review will be no different.

Sunflower Court was quite an enjoyable listen. Each song on the album offered a unique take on Patino’s playing style, as well as offering a look into her life with each song.

The first song everybody heard, Neighbors, is tweaked from the soundcloud version to sound even better than it did before. The introduction to the song is even more subtle and graceful, so the jump to the upbeat chorus has more impact. The song is obviously special to Patino, being as it is the first song everyone heard, so she spent ample of time on it.

Another song that stood out from the rest was 80’s Baby. The lyrics were quite relatable, talking about looking to the past in times of need. Everyone loves to look to the past, especially their childhood, all throughout their lives. Patino did a great job drawing her audience in with this relatable action everybody performs. The harmonies in the chorus sounded so well mixed and beautiful together.

Perhaps the most unique song on the album was Nowhere. Mostly, in the album, Patino uses her guitar and drums as her main instruments. In this song, there is a lot more variety instrumentally. The song also focuses on a story between Patino and one of her past lovers. The way she emotionally delivers the lyrics really delivers this story to the listening audience. The way the lyrics are delivered really makes it seem like this relationship is going (dare it be said) “nowhere.”

The best song on the album, however, has to be Pep Talk. This was the most relaxing and chill song on the entire album. The way Patino’s melodic voice blends with the chorus is mesmerizing. The lyrics are all about wondering about if somebody is going to love them. Everybody has been lonely in their lives, every single person who listens to this song can relate to it. This song makes the listener want to close their eyes and reflect upon their lives. The melodies heard in Patino’s voice can even be compared to Lana Del Ray.

The songs just mentioned are only half of the album, the other four have their own unique swing in the indie genre as well. Patino’s album is available on Apple Music and Spotify.