Students excited for Senior Banquet


Emily Cooper, School News Team Leader

A night in Chicago surrounded by aquatic animals, music, friends, food, and awards. A night seniors wait four years to experience.

The lingering question that remains over their heads, is it really worth it?

“I feel senior banquet is good for getting us seniors together before we graduate because it’s one of our last times together. I feel it would be worth it,” Lauren Kosiek, senior, said.

For senior banquet, just like prom, attendants must ride the bus to and from the dance in order to attend the event. The total cost of senior banquet for each participant is $80. This year’s senior banquet is going to be on Sunday, Feb. 19 at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

At the end of last semester, seniors got a chance to take a survey and answer questions about who should win specific awards. These awards would be presented to each winner during the banquet. These are fun awards for everyone to appreciate, winning or not.

“I’m looking forward to senior banquet because it’s finally our year to experience everything,” Anna Bowman, senior, said. “It’s a really cool way for us seniors to hangout with other seniors before we all go our separate ways. I feel it is for us to enjoy the last moments we have with each other.

Stories from the past still drift around because some don’t seem promising, but it’s an experience.

“I think it will honestly be a night to have fun with friends, even though I’ve heard stories from the past that many exhibits are closed. I feel that it’s a chance to get dressed up and enjoy a night in the city,” Devin McKnight, senior, said.

To some this is the beginning of the end for the seniors. This is an exciting time and way to celebrate the last four years of their high school career.

“I’m very excited for senior banquet because there will be a lot of good food, music, and get to hang out with friends. I think it’s worth it because you get to have a special memory with the people you grew up with. There is no special reason to go just that I want to have a fun time with my friends. There are over 300 seniors going, I believe,” Sabrina Shafer, senior, said.