Most at Minooka predict Cubs victory

Ryan Swanson, Aaron Carpenter, Peter Klepec, Andrew Roberts, Brandon Thompson, and Aubri Nava

Cubs fans have waited 108 years for a World Series to come back to the Windy City.

Chicago has come back from a 3-1 deficit to play a Game 7 that Cubs fans as well as Indians fans never thought was a possibility.

Tonight they face off at Progressive Field in Cleveland for an all-or-nothing game to end the drought of loss.

Many at Minooka are hoping for a Cubs victory and are confident they will win Game 7.

“The Cubs will win in extras,” Owen Kapple, junior, said. “Both starters will do well, and Hendricks will have a big game.”

Others predict a big win.

“Cubs will win 108 to 2, Chapman will get the win, always Chapman,” Bradley Schumacher, junior, said.

Teachers agree.

“The Cubs are going to kick butt tonight,” Ms. Leslie Hencinski, English, said.

Mr. Matt Marino, social studies, was more specific.

“7 to 1 Cubs!” Marino predicted

Others called for a more modest win.

“6-4 Cubs!” Michael Fruscione, junior, said.

“3-1 Cubs, it won’t be high scoring,” Zach Gessner, junior, said. “I think Addi (Russell) will come up big.”

Some are superstitious about predictions.

“The Cubs are going to win, but I can’t predict scores. It’s bad luck,” Mr. Adam Satorius, campus monitor, said.

Hencinski has her own superstitions.

“Never wear a Cubs shirt, or anything Cubs. Only wear red and blue, Hencinski, said.