Cubs fans prepare for tonight’s game


Madisyn Johnson

Landon Klotz, junior, is excited for Game 7 of the World Series. “Tonight I am going to go buy some pizza and bring it home to watch the Cubs game.” Klotz’s favorite player is second baseman Javier Báez.

Haille Lindstrom, Angelina Grassano, Breanna Moore, and Aubri Nava

The Chicago Cubs are fighting for Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians tonight, and after 108 years of losing luck, the Cubs push back, and fans are thrilled to watch the game.

“I am a die hard fan, and my family means a lot to me, so I’m staying home,” Ms. Michelle Fernandez, receptionist at Central Campus, said.

Many people are watching the game with their families instead of going out.

Ms. Debbie Dobson, technology assistant, said, “I would like to spend quality time with my husband and close friends watching the game.”

Food is sometimes a factor.

“If I watch the game tonight, it’d have to be with my sister because Deyana. She has the nice TV and all the snacks,” Mahalia Masood, junior, said. “But if I watch it at my house, I’m actually not going to watch it, since it’ll just be me and that’s boring.”

Comfort is key.

“I’ll be on my couch in my sweatpants,” Ms. Melissa Wallace, physical education, said.

Although some MCHS Cub fans are preoccupied with previous commitments, they are still taking time to check the Game 7 scores. Freshman Jacqueline MacGregor wants to do just that and check in on the game.

As Chicago Cubs fans gather around the television and await a victory, they could share the same thrill fans felt in Chicago a century ago, but this time maybe even stronger.