Hollywood shines as Homecoming theme

Emily Cooper, School News Team Leader

Homecoming 2016 is going to the West Coast, Oct. 1, 6 p.m.-10 p.m. in the South Campus large gym.

MCHS presents Hollywood.

“I think it’s a good idea, but I’m worried that the decorations are going to be flat. The past years had really cool decorations to match the theme. I want the dance to be worth the money,” Erin Dunn, senior, said.

Just like the past, this year’s theme is vibrant.

“I’m excited to see the decorations for this year, but I’m very skeptic that they will not be what they should be,” Julia Pickett, sophomore, said.

Music is always the feature of this dance just like any other dance at MCHS.

“I hope they play a good variety of music and not the same pop songs like they did last year because that would make the dance more fun for everyone,” Anna Bowman, senior, said.

Many wondered how student council chose “Hollywood” as this year’s theme.

“At the end of last school year, student council posted an open online survey in which students could submit ideas for the theme. When the survey expired, we took a tally of all the submitted ideas, and the Student Council took a vote between the top three. ‘Hollywood’ won handily,” Faith Bonds, junior, said.

The decorations will expand to both campuses this year.

The entrances to both Central and South campuses will be decorated all week for homecoming, a change from last year. Among other things, there will be a red carpet, stars, and life-size cutouts of celebrities for students to stand and take pictures in,” Bonds, said.

Also, expansions of areas for the dance will take place.

“There will not be many changes from last year, but one key change is that the entire small gym will be open to accommodate more students. Also, Homecoming court nominations will be completely reinvented this year. Every fall sport and club will nominate one female and one male student from each class, ensuring that the students nominated actually want to be nominated, as well as avoiding the issue of people feeling pressure to run as couples,” Bonds, said.

Homecoming is just right around the corner and the excitement of the dance is in full spring.

“As always, we are extremely excited for all the events during homecoming week. We encourage students to participate in as many events as possible, and get the most out of their time,” Bonds, said.