Girls tennis looks ahead


Andreanna Haritopoulos

Morgan Gierman, senior, stands ready to return a serve by head coach Jinger Shorette at practice on Aug. 31.

Solomon Moffett, Sports Team

The Chicago Cubs took the time to rebuild their team, but not without some rough patches during the process. The girls tennis team is taking a similar approach.  The girls finished third in the SPC last year and had a record 7-5.

The new head coach is Jinger Shorette. She looks to help the girls tennis team strive for success. The program is going through major changes, but there is optimism from the coach.

“I expect that we have some growing pains to go through, but I am also expecting great results,” Shorette said.

With a new program the players will have to work hard to reach the expectations of their coaches, and have success this season.

“As a newly refurbished program, we need to work hard and develop together before setting official positions,” Shorette said.

The thing to watch for every sports team is a key player or star player to watch. Those players are Gabby Hajduk, junior, and Grace Thelo, also a junior. Shorette looks forward to coaching the two players, amongst others.

“Admittedly, I am looking forward to coaching Thelo and Hajduk. These girls qualified for State Finals their freshman year in 2014,” Shorette said.

Shorette also sees other players qualifying for state this year, She also sees progress in her younger players.

“I already foresee more than these two players qualifying for state based on the progress I’ve seen from select players this season,” Shorette said.