Chicago museums have much to offer


Alexa Aspan, A&E Team Leader

It’s agreeable that Chicago is a great city. Maybe not the best but one of them.

It’s not just because it has great deep dish pizza, an awesome hockey team and scenic tourist sights. Chicago houses a certain historical variety that underlies the big metallic bean that sits in Millennium Park and one of the tallest buildings in North America.

The museums in Chicago are some of the most renowned. The city alone has over 20 art museums scattered throughout it.

Among those there is Art Institute, The Contemporary Museum of Art, the National Museum of Mexican Art, The Hyde Park Art Center, The Smart Museum of Art and the National Veterans Museum of Art.

There is also The Field Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Science and Industry and The Adler Planetarium.

The Art Institute is one of the most well sought out art schools in the country. It also hold the Museum of the Art Institute that holds priceless pieces of art from artists like Van Gogh, O’Keeffe, Picasso, Monet and Magritte. Every Thursday, the museum has free admission. Every other day of the week admission is $14 for general admission, $29 for a fast pass admission and $5 for special exhibitions.

The Adler Planetarium, which plays shows such as Cosmic Wonders and Destination Solar Systems, also has exhibits like “Mission Moon” that house the wonders and anomalies of space. General admission is $12.

The Field Museum of Natural History, which currently is housing the “Greek” exhibit, has had everything from the “King Tut” to “Voodoo” pass through it’s doors. It always holds the largest recovered dinosaur, Sue, along with others like the Grainger Hall of Gems. General Admission is  $30 for students, and $35 for adults.

The Museum of Science and Industry  is currently featuring the “Nature Mirror Maze,” “The Science of Storms” and the “U-505 Submarine.” The museum helps to educate everyone about concepts like agricultural and environmental science, biology and chemistry. General admission is $18.

The Windy City is some people’s favorite, but we─the people who have grown up near it─know that it’s a culturally and historically diverse city. While Chicago does have a pretty rocking hockey dynasty and awesome sights, it also has some of the best museums around.